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Our hands and wrists get a lot of use. We used them for practically every daily task, so it’s no surprise that hand and wrist pain can be frustrating, and even debilitating.

Despite how much we rely on our hands and wrists, they’re surprisingly fragile. In fact, while most of us tend to worry about our backs, knees and shoulders when it comes to sports-related or work-related injuries, our hands and wrists cause us grief just as often.

Repeated movements and overuse are the usual culprits for hand injuries and wrist pain. The most common symptoms are soreness and/or stiffness. However other conditions (like diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis) might lead to numbness, tingling or burning in your hand or wrist that becomes increasingly hard to ignore.

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When it comes to alleviating the pain associated with hand and wrist injuries, Chiropractic management can provide much-needed relief, whilst also strengthening your joints and improving your grip strength.

At Enhance Chiropractic, we recognise that best results come from a ‘multi modal approach’. This means that we’ll use a combination of manual therapy with stretching, strengthening and lifestyle or habit modification specific to your needs.

Manual therapy will involve restoring normal movement to joints, and reducing tightness in muscles. As your wrist moves better, inflamed structures (tendons, ligaments or joints) can settle down and be less painful.

Stretching aims to reduce tightness in muscles. This can be done during treatment, but also performed by yourself at home. You will be taught how to perform the techniques, and if performed regularly, stretching can accelerate your recovery.

Your wrist or hand may need strengthening. Often improving the strength and endurance of the muscles that move your wrist or hand can lead to better stability in those joints. This not only leads to better quality movement (which is less likely to irritate the structures) but also gives your wrist or hand a better chance of being able to perform your daily tasks without fatigue or injury.

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At Enhance Chiropractic, we start with a comprehensive consultation to identify the root cause of your wrist pain and gain an understanding of other conditions or incidents which may play a role.

We do this by carefully examining your hand and wrist to assess the damaged tissue, tension in the muscles, or stiffness in the joints. Your elbow and shoulder may form part of the problem and therefore need assessment. A thorough examination allows us to develop a personalised treatment plan, based on the findings.

We might ask you about what daily activities you engage in, such as what sports you play, whether you spend long hours typing on a computer and so on. We’ll also want to know about any past incidents or trauma that have had an impact on your hands and wrists.

By asking these questions, we can better understand where your hand injury or wrist pain stems from. This means we can address the issue at its origin, for a higher likelihood of alleviating the issue.

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