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Neck pain and neck injuries can be alarming to experience. The neck is highly mobile with intricate components, therefore susceptible to injury. Not only is the neck crucial for the movement and stabilisation of our head, it’s hard-wired into the balance and posture centres of our nervous system.

And yet, neck pain ranks fourth in the world’s most common disabling factors, taking its toll on approximately 10% of adults at any one time.

Given the high prevalence of neck pain, the negative impacts extend beyond the individual experiencing the pain. Families, employers, healthcare systems and the broader community feel the effects.

What are the most common causes of neck pain?

Typically, neck pain is movement or posture related. This can be not enough movement, repetitive movement, or incorrect movement. Your posture or positioning during activities is important. Being hunched over a computer, sleeping in awkward positions, slouched on the couch, or looking down at your phone often leads to neck pain.

Neck pain might also be related to recent or past injuries, like a car accident or sports injury.

Acute pain can be caused by inflammation, due to a muscle or tendon strain, joint or ligament sprain, or nerve injury. Many neck muscles extend to the shoulders and upper back, stabilising one area while the other moves. This is one reason why neck pain is commonly accompanied by pain in the shoulders or upper back, and vice versa.

Our body rarely moves or stabilises one region in isolation. This means that our mid-back, hips and lower back are functionally connected to our neck. Therefore, issues in our mid and lower body can cause or complicate neck pain and discomfort.

There are other symptoms that can accompany neck pain. These include: headaches, restricted movement, numbness, tingling, muscle weakness and altered posture. You might also notice symptoms extending to your shoulder, arm or hand. Balance and coordination can also be affected by neck pain.

If you are experiencing neck pain and/or any of the additional symptoms mentioned here, you may benefit from an assessment from our Chiropractor located in Melbourne CBD.

Get relief from your neck pain, at Enhance Chiropractic in Central Melbourne

At Enhance Chiropractic, we can employ a combination of manual therapies including soft tissue therapy, joint manipulation, rehabilitation, dry needling, lifestyle and posture advice and other therapies to aim to alleviate pain in your neck, and improve mobility for a better quality lifestyle.

We’ll conduct an in-depth consultation at our Southbank clinic to determine what’s causing your neck pain, in order to develop a tailored treatment plan specific to your unique condition and needs.

We may ask you questions about your daily activities (such as whether you spend extended periods of time sitting at your desk or standing on your feet in a fixed position), or whether you have experienced past trauma that has affected your neck, back, hips and other key areas.

This type of questioning during the history-taking helps us to understand the root cause of your neck pain, which means we can address the issue at its origin, for the best chances of providing relief.

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