Personalised Chiropractic Treatment near Docklands

Are you experiencing debilitating tension and soreness in your back, neck, hips or other joints? Is it affecting your ability to enjoy a pain-free lifestyle with full mobility and comfort?

You’re not alone. According to the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare, almost one in every three Australians (30%) is living with at least one musculoskeletal condition, with back pain being the most common issue.

People who spend a large chunk of their day hunched over a desk or standing on their feet can often develop postural problems that result in back pain, and frequent headaches are a common symptom of neuromuscular disorders as well (particularly in the neck). Leaving these kinds of musculoskeletal conditions unaddressed can result these relatively manageable issues exacerbating over time.

Our Chiropractic treatment near Docklands aims to manage the pain associated with these issues, through a personalised treatment plan based on initial assessments of your specific condition.

Qualified and experienced Docklands chiropractor, at your service

Anthony has been providing patients of varying professions and conditions with drug and surgery-free Chiropractic treatment for 10 years. He works closely every patient to develop a tailored treatment plan, with the goal to improve flexibility and mobility in the affected areas, and subsequently decrease pain.

Your first consultation at our Chiropractic clinic involves a comprehensive evaluation of the area which is causing you pain or discomfort, so that Anthony can gain a clear understanding of how to best manage your condition. This process might also involve a series of questions about your workplace environment, sports and other physical activities that you engage in, and general queries about your day-to-day routine.

The answers to these questions can serve as contributing factors to your neuromuscular disorder, be it ankle/foot pain, knee pain, hip pain, hand/wrist pain, elbow pain, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, jaw pain, headaches, sciatica, herniated disc or otherwise.

Enhance Chiropractic offers a variety of evidence-based treatments at our Docklands clinic

Our professional chiropractor Anthony is fully certified and highly experienced in diagnosing, treating and managing neuromuscular disorders in people of varying conditions and capacities right across Melbourne.

In addition to spinal manipulation, treatments such as acupuncture, dry needling, taping and stretching may also help to alleviate the symptoms associated with your condition. We may recommend some helpful exercises to do at home, which will complement your Chiropractic treatment at our clinic.

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