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Enhance Chiropractic provides drug and surgery-free management of headaches, back pain, neck pain, elbow pain and other soreness or stiffness in the joints that can affect your day-to-day life.

We aim to increase mobility in the affected areas through evidence-based Chiropractic treatment drawing on years of clinical experience. Anthony is a fully certified professional, with a decade of expertise in the diagnosis, treatment and management of various musculoskeletal issues.

After gaining a clear understanding of your condition through precise evaluation, Anthony will develop a highly personalised treatment plan to target your specific condition and manage the associated symptoms.

Would you benefit from seeing a chiropractor in Port Melbourne?

People seek Chiropractic treatment for a number of reasons; be it postural problems, severe headaches, or joint stiffness as a result of a past injury (e.g. sports injury). Poor workplace ergonomics can also be a culprit for? back/neck pain, sciatica issues and aching in the wrist.

Using a variety of spinal and other joint manipulation methods that safely and precisely open up tight joints and reduce tension, our goal is to alleviate pain and improve mobility in the affected area.

There are other techniques in Chiropractic treatment that often complement spinal manipulation, such as massage and/or acupuncture/dry needling. We may suggest incorporating some of these additional processes into your personalised treatment plan, as well as advising you on helpful at-home stretches and exercises that can further assist with easing your musculoskeletal condition.

Our Port Melbourne Chiropractic treatment focuses on the following areas of concern

Common issues that we see among our patients include lower/upper back pain, neck pain, headaches, stiffness/soreness in the forearm, shoulder, elbow or wrist, hip pain, sciatica and knee pain. If you’re suffering with a herniated disc or problems resulting from whiplash, we can work alongside you to minimise the pain associated with these conditions also.

Anthony is an Internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner, with a wealth of experience helping athletes and people who work in a variety of environments, from manual labour trades, to offices and hospitality.

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