Treatment Options

Initial Consult

A detailed history is taken, followed by a thorough examination. Every effort is made to make an accurate diagnosis, which guides management choices. Treatment is tailored to your individual needs and capacity. If you require imaging or specialist assessment, a referral is written.

Duration: 45 minutes
Fee: $110

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Extended Consult

Longer duration consult. Reserved for management of complex or multiple complaints. Used if multiple treatment methods are required eg. manual therapy, dry needling and rehabilitation.

Duration: 30 minutes
Fee: $99

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Standard Consult

Ongoing management of presentation. Follow-up treatment of a previously diagnosed complaint. Shorter duration due to absence of examination.

Duration: 15 minutes
Fee: $69

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How many consults do you need?

Every person sees a Chiropractor for a different reason. Different presentations will have different healing times. Some may require intensive treatment, and others may respond more quickly. Your Chiropractor will discuss all of these factors with you before you choose to commence treatment. Some people choose to maintain regular appointments to keep pain or stiffness at bay before it develops, and that’s entirely their choice.

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