About Dry Needling

It’s quite common not to know the difference between dry needling and acupuncture, as both practices involve inserting thin stainless needles into the skin for the purpose of treating pain.

Dry Needling Treatment at our Southbank Clinic in Central Melbourne

Compared to acupuncture, dry needling is a relatively new practice that focuses on alleviating muscular pain by inserting needles into ‘tight’ areas of muscle. It’s called “dry” needling because there is no substance injected during the process.

Acupuncture differs because it is performed by a Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Needles are inserted according to ‘Eastern Medicine’ principles, often along meridian channels to improve ‘Chi’ or ‘energy’ flow. Acupuncture is often used to treat conditions other than muscle and joint stiffness.

The benefits of dry needling

Dry needling can help alleviate muscle tightness, which can reduce pain, spasm or cramping in the targeted area. Needles can be inserted directly into the painful area, but can also be administered in areas away from the pain or stiffness to treat your broader nervous system and/or related muscle groups, in an effort to achieve greater therapeutic benefit.

Dry needling aims to reduce muscle tightness, which can improve mobility and pain. This is why it’s a popular treatment method for managing both athletes and the general population.

It’s worth noting that slight bruising, bleeding or temporary soreness can occur after dry needling. These side effects are common, and usually short-lived. During dry needling treatment, needles are usually left in the muscle tissue for around five to ten minutes.

Melbourne dry needling services at Enhance Chiropractic

Our clinic uses dry needling to assist patients with neck pain, back pain, elbow pain, hip pain, headaches, shoulder pain, and other muscular conditions.

Incorporating years of clinical experience, we work closely alongside our patients with the aim of helping them overcome musculoskeletal issues through tailored management plans.

Whether you’re experiencing back or neck pain from being hunched over your desk all day, or you are an athlete with a sports-related injury, Enhance Chiropractic can incorporate dry needling as part of your management.

Why trust Enhance Chiropractic with your dry needling needs in Southbank?

Our state-of-the-art clinic (conveniently located within Capstone Medical Centre in Southbank) is committed to providing our patients with drug and surgery free, hands-on based treatment that focuses on diagnosing and managing neuromuscular disorders.

Qualified and experienced chiropractor Anthony incorporates a variety of techniques and modalities into his treatments, in order to provide each individual patient with tailored management that caters for their specific needs and circumstances – dry needling is one of these modalities.

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